Practicing what I preach

I did my long run on Tuesday, 9.33 miles and the longest distance I’ve run in a while. I followed one of my usual routes leading to the Leeds Liverpool canal, to extend the run I covered a stretch of the canal I’d not been on before, nothing special, one canal looks like another.

For something different I took along my Gymboss timer to do running/walking intervals. I did four minutes running with 30 seconds rest, over and over and over again! My average pace was 11:36 min/mi, I’ll be sticking with the walk intervals for now but I’ll probably up my running time. I’m not really bothered about finish times, its more about the mileage and being injury free for me.

After cooling down I got home and dropped my Gymboss on the kitchen floor, breaking it. Its such a simple piece of kit but I’ve used it hundreds of times, I’ll have to get a replacement. Anyway, it was time for stretching so I got my Yoga mat out. You might have seen my post, Yoga practice for runners I posted earlier in the week, it contained a video from Ekhart Yoga who produced a 20 minute sequence for runners. In case you didn’t see it I’ve added it below.

After trying it for myself I’d say I’m impressed, it was the first time I’ve ever done any sort of Yoga before, so it wasn’t pretty to watch!  My legs and hips felt like they had been given a good stretch. I followed this up with some foam rolling later.

One thing I did notice was how tight my hamstrings were, so I’ll have to work on them. I went to bed with that tired achy feeling in my legs, a good day then!