Foam rolling the quadriceps

I’ve been using my foam roller for the last couple of days. One word, painful!

Rolling my quads seems to be the most painful, the following day my legs feel like they’ve been on a long run. I’ve been doing this exercise for my quads.

I was wondering about how often I should use the foam roller? Is it ok to use every day?

Running hurts, or does it?

I don’t agree with this quote but here goes.

The truth is that running hurts.


This is my adaptation, with a bit of help from ChiRunning.

The truth is that running can be uncomfortable at times.

I think there is too much emphasis given to the “no pain no gain” type fitness messages you see all the time. I’m guilty of using these too with some of the quotes I’ve published on this blog, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way. In ChiRunning, Danny Dreyer talks about physical discomfort and the difference between productive and non-productive discomfort. I’ll cover discomfort more in another post.

Have you had a time when you experienced actual pain during a run?

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A number of firsts

This morning’s run was a gamble, I’ve had some shin pain for over a week. Nothing too bad, no swelling and I had no pain during my rest runs last week. I took an extra days rest on Monday and still had some pain in my left, from my ankle and up the side of my calf. This is the same ankle I broke last year which still gives me pain from time to time. I’ve come to the conclusion that the pain in my left leg is down to my ankle and the pain in my right leg might be from my running style. I am keeping an eye on the situation though!

As well as a gamble, today’s run had a number of firsts. First of all it was my longest ever continuous run, 9.25 miles in 01:46.

9.22 miles

High5 EnergyGelIt was also the first time I took water on a run, I decided on taking a small bottle of shop bought water for now. I also took a gel with me, I used a High5 EnergyGel which I had at the half way mark. I’d tried one of these when I was out shopping one day so I new it wouldn’t upset my stomach.

Parts of the route were new to me as well, I chose the route because there is no concrete paving on the paths, I was conscious of my shin pain last week so took no chances. The run went well, I concentrated on my breathing and running style throughout – I wasn’t bothered about the time. I wanted the mileage in my legs.

How was your long run this week?

Relief in a bottle

Frozen Powerade bottleI spent yesterday gently stretching and icing my sore leg. It worked because the tightness had gone and I was able to walk around with no problems, there was still some slight tightness at the back of my knee though. Massaging the area helped but I needed something to give a deeper massage, I don’t have a foam roller so a DIY approach was needed!

I was able to test drive roll the frozen water bottle today on my leg and it worked a treat! The combination of the ice and the rolling action really seemed to loosen the muscle. I used it on the full length of both my legs and the soles of my feet. I followed this with some more gentle stretching.

A gentle walk of about 5 km went ok, so if I feel up to it I’ll do a gentle run on Thursday.

I’ve saved the best till last, a picture of my knee and roller in action. Enjoy!

My lovely knee

Running repairs (part 2)

A quick update while I wait for my water bottle to freeze.

I’ve had a sore calf muscle since my Friday’s run. Nothing too bad but I’ve given it four days rest with some running repairs and some gentle stretching throughout the day. A bit too much running too soon! After thinking about my running routine I’ve realised that I don’t spend enough time on the warm-up and cool-down (including stretching). Stupid boy!!

So what will I be doing with a frozen water bottle? I’ll be rolling it up the length of my calf muscle, you’ll get the idea from the picture below.