2012 Goals

These are my fitness goals for 2012.

Running goals

I don’t really have a goal weight as such, but I am keeping a record of my weight all year.

January 165
February 160
March 161
April 161
May 162
June 165
July 164
August 167
September 165
October 166
November 172
December 175

28 thoughts on “2012 Goals

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  2. Thanks for checking out my blog. Good luck hitting all your goals this year. I’m working on my own list as well.

      • It’s always good to evaluate where you are at and adjust your goals accordingly. I was going to do a 50 mile run in April and a 100 mile in October. I got hurt in April and missed the 50 so I had to scrap a lot of goals for later this year and rethink them. I have a marathon down in December. If I can stay healthy I think I’ll do good. I’ll pick back up on the ultras next year maybe.

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I did my first 10k in April, even then I never thought i’d like the idea of running a half marathon, but 3 10k’s completed maybe now I’m changing my mind :-) Good luck with your goals.

  4. I think goals are great so long as they keep you running injury free. If training for a goal results in burnout or injury, to me, personally, it wasn’t worth it. Do you have a yearly mileage goal?

    • I don’t have a mileage goal as such, this is my first (proper) year running, so I’m just taking it as it comes and its working for me so far. I’m being quite strict and trying not to do too much too soon, which is easier said than done. :)

  5. I am really impressed. I ran for quite a long time before I did a half marathon. Then had a break. I do love running them but not always at the time! I would love to run a marathon but don’t think i can – half is enough for me. I wish you loads of luck on your journey. It is addictive though!

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  8. Well done. I guess you are a great deal fitter and healthier than you were nearly a year ago. It is interesting that your weight hasn’t changed, are you pretty much right on the weight for age and height scale? (and thanks for the Like on my marilyns motivating marathon mindsets blog, including my marathon workshops for January)

  9. Those goals make a lot of sense. Once i’ve checked thaty my achilles is fully healed I’m going to pretty much copy & paste yours and then adjust them slightly! :) Thanks

  10. Wow, impressive. I don’t think my bad ankle will let me ever run a half marathon or 10 K, but I sure would like to. How did you manage to gain weight after a year of running? You must have put on a lot of muscle I bet. Good luck on your 2013 goal of a marathon. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  11. Posting up the goals is a great idea! And congrats on achieving so much! It filters into other areas of your life I`m sure too. You reckon the extra 10 lbs is muscle? I`m curious about that as I haven`t kept track of my weight through two years of running but would reckon I`m heavier if anything but definitely a have toned up.

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