30 day squat challenge

These are my top tips if you are thinking of, or are taking part in the 30 day squat challenge. If you have you any tips leave me a comment below.

  1. Make time. It sounds obvious, but try to build some time in to your day to complete the squats. I always did my sets after work once I’d had time to clear my head of work stuff.
  2. Find somewhere were you can do your squats without interruption. This got more important for me as the number of squats increased.
  3. Wear something comfortable, enough said.
  4. Warm-up. I usually did a few sets of leg raises and walking on the tips of my toes before starting.
  5. Go barefoot, it felt right for me and I could concentrate on pushing up through my heels better.
  6. Use good form with your feet shoulder width apart and pointing forward. I liked to cross my arms with each hand resting on top of the opposite shoulder, you may want to put your hands on your hips or the the top of your head. Look forward and keep your chin up. Pick a point on the wall and concentrate on it as you squat.  Breath in and lower yourself until your thighs are parallel with the ground. Push up and exhale (not forgetting to count), pushing through your heels. Once you reach the top, push your hips forward and clench your glutes and thigh muscles. Pause and repeat until you reach the end of your set.
  7. Split the number of squats up into sets. In the early days I started with sets of 10, then 15 and eventually 30 and 45. But do what works for you.
  8. Move around and do some leg swings and raises between sets. I found this helped to prevent any major muscle soreness and kept my legs loose.
  9. Record your sets as you go along, I easily loose count!
  10. Cool down and stretch. Once I’d finished I would do some leg swings and raises again as a cool down, followed by some stretching and foam rolling.

Finally, don’t miss the rest days, your legs will thank you for it!

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