Not running

I’ve not had chance to post properly for a few weeks, I’ve been adjusting to commuting again. And it has taken its toll on my running, I’ve been struggling to get my three runs a week done. So when I saw this image on Gibson’s Daily Running Quote I could really relate to it.

I’ve not been crying but I’ve had my fair share of mood swings!

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27 thoughts on “Not running

  1. It’s really hard to fit running into life a lot of times. I just started telling myself that I can get up really early one day a week to get at least one in. Good luck, Everyone!

  2. Sorry to hear you are struggling to fit your running in. The only way I get to run right now IS my commute to and from work (im fortunate enough to be 5 miles from work)…oh, and my workplace has showers!!

  3. Right now I’m in a 365 day running challenge and I’ve been sick with the flu so I’ve only been able to run in my house. I am getting the itch to run for real so badly. I totally understand where you are coming from.

    • I tell myself to slow down and just run at heart rate pace when I am whipped or fighting illness. Committing to run the slow pace makes it easier and, honestly, safer. I am in grad school, have loads of other commitments, and am training for my first ultra. I got sidelined with an ankle injury, so I kept moving by using my exercise bike and then the treadmill, at whatever time I could squeeze it in. Commit to 20 minutes, slow pace. i guarantee, once you start, you’ll find you feel so much better, you’ll decide to run 30, even 40 minutes… and then, you’re back on track!

  4. Life keeps changing and it’s hard to keep up sometimes. I’ve been struggling too – a crisis at work, my son broke his wrist, sometimes you can’t say no I’ve already got a run in my diary! I just keep trying to start again, but I don’t think I’ll be ready for my half in April!

  5. Everytime I say to my Viking “I need to run” and I put it above other “scheduled” things he gets upset, but my mood swings when I cannot exercise or run are worst than is temporary bad temper…:)

  6. I had a really bad cold in the winter and just couldn’t run for a couple weeks. I feel your pain. My advice, just try to keep active while you adjust to the new schedule and run when you can, even it’s only a few minutes at a time.

  7. I know ALL to well it feels to miss the pavement. At least on your next run, you know it will feel incredible.

  8. Oh man I totally get this, my work has been mad and any time im not working I have to be sleeping so I can finish work so my running has taken a backseat. Now my deadlines are beginning to chill out I’ve got a weekend of runs and week of runs scheduled next week & I’m really excited about them.
    Just go with it for the time being. Try not to get uptight about it and once you’re into new routine you’ll figure it out. :)

  9. Totally agree,being off with injury recently was horrendous and I think there were actual tears at one stage when I thought my shin splints would hang around forever. Try not to be too hard on yourself and im sure your routine will work itself out soon.

  10. Been there since Thanksgiving. Four months. . . granted, I don’t love running as much as you–but I’m hoping you can get back soon. my first day back was yesterday!

  11. Try run commuting! So long as you have a shower facility at work or do the run on the way home its a joy…

  12. Haha, to true. I’ve got this bad habit of getting mood swings and grumpy when I’m running too much, and then in the taper. So I’m a real treat for my girlfriend the month before a marathon…

  13. I think that all the other bloggers have a point don’t try and force the running get yourself sorted and you will find the time. Good things come to those who are patient and ride out the storm.:)

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