A mile is still a mile

I saw this picture on the Run The Edge facebook page.

Source: Run The Edge

I think most non-runners don’t realize how far a mile actually is. And it really doesn’t matter how long it takes to get there.

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25 thoughts on “A mile is still a mile

  1. it’s so important to remember this. I have a friend who recently started running. She’s not where I am and whenever she races she tells me her time and then says, “Thats good right?” I never really know how to respond. Good? Well did you have a good race, enjoy it? then yes it’s good. Compare to someone else, and yeah it sucks..but it’s all so totally relative.

  2. It is a beautiful picture and I agree with you – A mile is still a mile!

    As a runner for many years who run in all sorts of conditions I appreciate that picture. I ran in a blizzard and I ran in a 30° C heat. I ran through forests in winter with the sun barely shining through the trees. I ran beside the Tiber and the Seine. Most i loved running in Berlin, the runner’s dream come true. I live in Australia where Kangaroos have been jumping out of the woods right in front of me. Mostly I run in suburbia which is not so nice. But I’m running and running and running. My legs often scream, “STOP” ! The distances ran become shorter and shorter as recovery after the run takes much longer, but the Mile is still the Mile. It has to be done.

  3. Once you get going, a mile is ‘just’ a mile. It’s hard to remember when your ambition was to run a ‘whole’ mile without stopping! Then you start to forget how long a mile is and in your head you think about 5 or 10 or 15 ( more for other people I’m sure) forgetting that each of those miles is a whole mile and an extra 1or 2 added on is a long way!

  4. It’s true. And when you’ve done one, it’s amazing how other miles can join them and after 3 or 5 or 10 or 26… you’re still smiling at the end. Because YOU chose to get out there. Great point

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