My (running) views

Many of the images in this post are not mine so I’ve linked back to the original images.

This is just a few of the sights I see when I’m out running in the area I live. As you can see its quite an industrial landscape, mostly remnants of the coal and cotton trade, now both gone.

Bronzed pit brow lass

Bronzed pit brow lass

I often pass the pit brow lass on the towpath near Wigan Pier.

The remaining parts of the pier

The infamous Wigan Pier.

Trencherfield Mill

Trencherfield Mill

Further on I pass Trencherfield Mill.

The Leigh Branch

The Leigh Branch

A little further and I reach the Leigh branch of the canal, following this leads to Scotsmans Flash. As my running distance increases I intend to follow this route to nearby Leigh.

I hope this gives you a flavour of some of my local running routes.

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6 thoughts on “My (running) views

  1. Your scenery is much more pleasant than mine. I have actually been meaning to take the time on my runs and snaps some photos but I am always worried the second I stop to take a picture I will never want to start up running again :)

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